Become a Member

Here's what you need, as a Member, to enjoy the BMX track:

  1. Cycling Ireland Membership - this can be got on This is your insurance and you must have it to be on the track. This can be easily arranged online.
  2. Ideally BMX / MTB Protective Clothing must be worn, but at the very least you must have: Long Pants, Long Sleeves, Full Fingered gloves, and a Full Face helmet. Courtown BMX Club have a number of Full Face Helmets and gloves that we are happy for you to use, but these are for sharing purposes.
  3. A bike- ideally a BMX. With No pegs or reflectors and a rear working brake Again, Courtown BMX Club have a range of DK Race bikes that can be used on a testing basis on the Track.
  4. We have a parking area at the track, and sign in at the middle green container.
  5. If you enjoy the track, and would like to develop your skills via coaching and training, you may like to join Courtown BMX Club - 2019 Membership Form.

Discounted Rates for Families. 

Tourist Memberships available. 

Further Details at the Track or you can contact us here.