Constitution of Courtown BMX Club

The name of the club shall be “Courtown BMX Club”

The main objective of Courtown BMX Club shall be to encourage the sport of BMX racing, to maintain affiliation with Cycling Ireland, to conduct BMX races in accordance with the rules of BMX Ireland and to further the wellbeing and sportsmanship of members.

Courtown BMX Club shall have the following subsidiary objectives (a) the promotion of health and safety of members; (b) encouraging members to realise their potential and athletic ability.

Courtown BMX Club must have a minimum of 5 members (who are individuals with paid up fees to the club)

Membership; application for membership to apply to become a member of Courtown BMX Club, a person or a family unit must submit an application in a manner prescribed by Courtown BMX Club and pay the appropriate membership fee as deemed payable by Courtown BMX Club.

Fees; the annual membership fee for members shall be set annually by the management committee at its first meeting of the year and shall take effect from the beginning of that calendar year.

A member whose membership is not paid within one month ceases to be a member.

In addition to the annual membership fee, the management committee shall set all other relevant fees including that for racing, facility use, gate practice or coaching lessons and other services to members for the upcoming racing season at its first meeting.

Life members may only be appointed at the discretion of the management committee and its discretion in the matter shall be final. A life member shall not be required to pay the annual membership fee. A life member shall be levied as for any ordinary member, and shall have full membership rights, including voting and eligibility for office within the club. Life membership may only be repelled at annual general meetings.

Each member (individual or family unit) has one vote at general meetings of Courtown BMX Club. A member who is under the age of 18 at the time a vote is taken, is not eligible to vote except if a riders representative is eligible to vote at committee meetings, but only in his or her capacity as riders representative. Each committee person has a right to vote in relation to their committee position. A member is not eligible to vote until 30 working days after his or her membership application has been accepted by the committee.

Notice of meetings; the secretary must give all members notice of general meetings at least one week prior to when the meeting is to be held.

Access to information on Courtown BMX Club; the following must be available for inspection by members (a) a copy of the constitution; (b) minutes of general meetings (c) annual reports and financial reports.

Raising grievances and complaints; a member may raise a grievance or complaint about a committee member, the committee or another member of Courtown BMX Club. The grievance or complaint must be dealt with in a professional manner within 30 days.

Membership of the club may be terminated by;- a notice of registration addressed and posted to Courtown BMX Club or given personally to the secretary or another committee member; non-payment of the annual membership fee within the time allowed, or expulsion due to breaking of the club rules and code of conduct

If a member dies or the whereabouts of a member are unknown, the committee must cancel the member’s membership.

Suspension or expulsion of members. If the committee considers that a member should be suspended or expelled because his or her conduct is detrimental to the interests of Courtown BMX Club, the committee must give notice of the proposed suspension or expulsion to the member in writing.

There will be a policy of two verbal warnings with logs taken of the date and time of any verbal warnings given, before a written notice. At a called meeting, the committee must afford the member a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to make representations in writing. The committee may suspend or expel or decline to suspend or expel the member from the club and must give written notice of the decision and the reason for it to the member.

A member who is suspended or expelled may appeal against that suspension or expulsion by giving notice to the secretary within 14 days after receipt of the committee’s decision. The appeal must be considered at a general meeting of Courtown BMX Club and the member must be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the meeting or to make representations in writing prior to the for circulation at the meeting. The members present at the general meeting must, by resolution, either confirm or set aside the decision of the committee to suspend or expel the member. The member is not suspended or does not cease to be a member until the decision of the committee to suspend or expel him or she is confirmed by a resolution of the members.

Composition of the committee. The management of the committee consists of – a chairperson, a secretary, a treasurer, a child protection officer and at least 2 untitled members. Committee members must be elected to the committee at an annual general meeting.

The chairperson

The duties of the chairperson include;

  • To ensure that Courtown BMX Club complies with its constitution
  • To give a strategic direction to Courtown BMX Club
  • To ensure Courtown BMX Club policies are carried out
  • The chairperson may take emergency decisions in conjunction with other officer’s in-between meetings, if required to do so, within the rules of the constitution.

The secretary

The duties of the secretary include;

  • To deal with Courtown BMX Clubs correspondence
  • To help plan the meetings and to ensure that they are carried out effectively and efficiently
  • To record the attendees at meetings
  • To keep minutes of each meeting
  • The secretary may take emergency decisions in conjunction with other officers in-between meetings, if required to do so, within the rules of the constitution
  • Maintain the register of members of Courtown BMX Club

The treasurer

The duties of the treasurer

  • To look after Courtown BMX Clubs finances
  • To present accounts at the AGM

The child protection officer

The duties of the child protection officer

  • They must ensure that they have completed the relevant child protection courses as set out by the relevant authorities

If the chairperson is absent from a meeting, the secretary must preside at the meeting.

The secretary and the treasurer must be aware of all monies paid to and received by Courtown BMX Club and issue receipts for those monies in the name of Courtown BMX Club if required.


Banking procedure; Courtown BMX Club shall have a bank account with permanent tsb gorey. All lodgements paid into the account must be done so with a narrative.

All withdrawals made from the bank account of Courtown BMX Club must show a narrative unless a cheque has been issued. Cheques issued and withdrawals made from Courtown BMX Club must be signed for by two of the following

The chairperson or the secretary and the treasurer

The treasurer must ensure the accounts for Courtown BMX Club are kept up to date.

Nominations for election to committee; any member is eligible for election to the committee upon nomination any time before or at the next annual general meeting. The nomination must be seconded and the nominee must signify his or her willingness to stand for election. A person who is eligible for election or re-election may vote for himself or herself.

Retirement of committee members; a committee member holds office until the next annual general meeting unless the member vacates the office or is removed. At the annual general meeting the office of each committee member becomes vacant and elections for a new committee must be held. The chairperson of the outgoing committee must preside at the annual general meeting until a new member is elected as chairperson. Members may serve consecutive terms on the committee. If vacancies remain on the committee additional nominations of committee members may be accepted from the floor of the annual general meeting. If the nominations from the floor do not exceed the number of remaining vacancies, the chairperson must declare those persons to be duly elected as members of the committee.

Quorum at general meetings; at a general meeting, 30% of membership present constitutes a quorum.

Voting; each member present in person at a general meeting is entitled to a deliberative vote.

Dissolution; Courtown BMX Club may be dissolved only at a special general meeting called for that purpose. A financial report shall be presented at such a meeting. The dissolution will not be affected until assets are disposed of and liabilities discharged.

Indemnity; all committee members of Courtown BMX Club shall be indemnified by the club for any expences incurred in executing their duties on behalf of and on the direction of the committee of Courtown BMX Club.